Day 14, 10 weeks old

Another week gone by and I do see the difference in him already. He is definitely getting bigger. When he stands on the fire place he is four bricks high. When he fully stretches out to sleep with all his legs outstretched he could be a draft excluder!

We started the 3 meals a day routine today. It feels weird giving him more food in one day but he gulped down his brekkie. His 2pm meal wasn’t so much, he ate most of it but left a small bit which I picked up after 10 minutes (as the good puppy book says) He did eat all his tea though. I worry that I am giving him too much food but we will soon see if his weight is OK when we go to the vets tomorrow for his 2nd jab and micro-chipping.

He still didn’t enjoy his lead training today. He lay flat on the floor, and I have read that you don’t try and force them. You need to wait until they are comfortable. Am trying to do this twice a day and then we will progress to out in the garden.

He chewed his water bowl today and while it is still usable I need to get him a new one now. Grr.

My house used to be covered in kids things and I was forever telling them to put them away now my floor is constantly covered in dog toys. You can try and pick them all up and put them in the box but he will not think twice about getting them all back out again so the house is just how he likes it!

His funny antics just amuse us all the time. He can do his doodle dash and have a mad half hour and then he will run at full speed to you and flop at your feet as if he is running to hide from something. He just stops dead after rushing all around.

I am dreading taking him to the vets today as he will want to get down and run around which of course he is not allowed to do. I think he will struggle on my lap but he was OK last time. This time though he is more confident and wants to do his own thing.

My nose makes me unique but I’m still gorgeous!

If you have noticed on his photos his nose is not completely black. It is slightly pink at the top of it. The breeder told me that he was born with a pink nose but that it is slowly turning black. Well it doesn’t seem to be changing completely black but we still think he is absolutely gorgeous and we have no issues with our multi coloured nose Doodle 🙂

His coat will change quite often over the next few months. Being on I have watched many doodle pups grow up and change dramatically. One minute they look like they have a shaggy coat and very much like a Labrador and the next month they have a wavy coat which then changes to curly poodle type. You will almost never know exactly what coat your pup will have nor will you know what colour he will end up being. Some doodles start completely black and end up silver, and chocolates can end up ‘cafe au lait’ Scooter starts as apricot but will more than likely go a creamy white colour the same as his chest is now. I do hope he keeps some of his apricot colour though.