Day 16/17 Not an allweather doodle

OK I thought this blog would dwindle once I was back at work next week and kids back at school (I’m not counting the 7 days and 12 hours left!) but with Scooter sleeping less and kids getting back into their messy ways leaving things around for an inquisitive doodle, my free time has been more slack already.

Bush Monster! doesnt like the rain.

He was quite funny last night. I took him out for a toilet break at 10.30pm and he then went to sleep by my feet. May I just add that it so lovely having him lie on my feet. He is so so warm and it feels great. You certainly feel the cold when he moves. The same can be said when he is licking your feet. It can be lovely but I am very ticklish so sometimes I cannot bear it. Anyway I digress, I then was up for another couple of hours, (I am a night owl) so I decided to take him out for a final toilet break. I opened the back door and it was blowing a gale and raining. I put on my ‘back door’ sandals and grabbed my daughter’s groovy chick and progressed to the middle of the garden thinking that scamp was following me behind as usual. To my surprise he was standing on the back door step looking out at me. I can only imagine him saying ‘Are you mad? I am not going out in THAT!’ No amount of persuasion was going to get him out into the garden and so I was standing like a wally in my sandals and pink umbrella in the middle of the night in the pouring rain for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Great!

Training a doodle can be hard when you can only do it on his terms when he feels like doing it. If he is not interested in the treat that you have or the toy that you are bribing him with then there is no point. It is quite comical when he gives you that look as if to say ‘no chance misses!’ and he strolls off to do his own thing. You can only train them if they are interested. I cannot wait until we start puppy classes. I am hoping they can teach me the right way or confirm I am doing things OK, which of course I am probably not.

Lead training is still the same. We walked him out in the garden today and he just went and lay down on the grass and would not budge for nothing, not even enticing treats! He has a very stubborn streak like me. We have 4 days until he is allowed out into the bigger world.

Patience is a great trait to have, one that at times I do not have! My kids will vouch for that. When you have told him for the 99th time in the space of a morning to get his paws off the sofa and he just snaps at you and goes back up it can be deflating. My doodlemania friends say it will get better and all this hard work will be worth it in the end I have to have faith and believe them. I did have a Japanese Akita many many years ago but he was a puppy over 14 years ago and I don’t remember much of the stress from that. My only rationalising is that it is like child birth, you forget the pain and here I am doing it all again.

He really bit my hand today. We were playing with the big football (which is nearly as big as him but he can get a grip on it and carry it) Our normal game is that I eventually get it out of his mouth and he does a sit or down and then I throw it the length of the garden and he goes like a rocket after it and brings it back for another tug of war. He gives a good fight for me getting it back off him and my next training after the lead will be ‘let go’. But today let go wasn’t going to cut it and I was attempting to get it out of his mouth. I put my hand near the ball and almost got it when he let go and went for my hand catching his sharp teeth on my hand and as I pulled it away it scraped deeply across the palm of my hand. I can tell you it really hurt and drew blood. That ended our play session and I think the rest of my street would have heard me yelping!

I do think that my neighbours, whose back door faces ours in a terraced street, may be getting a bit tired of us standing at the back door shouting scooter in from the garden, or if our back door is open they can probably hear us shouting ‘NO!’ or ‘OFF!’ They must think we have gone loopy or they may have just had enough of losing their peaceful garden, but either way they seem to keep their back door closed more often haha. These are one of the neighbours that are going to let Scooter out for a toilet break while I am at work. I work part time 4 days a week but 5 hours is a long time not to be let out so they and another neighbour are going to let him out in the garden. I am still not sure whether to ask them to feed him or feed him when I get back at 2.45. He will be fed at 8am and 8.30pm so the middle of that is 2pm so I don’t think 2.45 will be too late. I will have to play it by ear I think.

I asked another member how much their doodle weighed at 10 weeks so I could compare Scooter to a standard labradoodle. Scooter was 5.2kg and the standard was 7.1kg. There is a slight difference of course as Scooter is a mini and I will know more if I get to meet up with them seeing them side by side. There is only a weeks difference in age.

By the way my beloved camera is playing up so not many new photos at the moment. If you are all like me you will miss any new photos as I love seeing the progress as well as reading it. I will try and rectify this soon. I have been looking to upgrade my camera but in actual fact when reading up on them I have begun to realise that the camera I have is ideal for me anyway so I may just get the same again haha. Better the devil you know and all that.