Day 11, scooter the lap dog.


We have lost our 100% pee record 11 days after we have had him. I am so disappointed. Our lounge door was closed and he went behind his crate and did it before we realised. I am so upset but that’s how it goes. Two steps forward one step back. Bless him I couldn’t be angry with him. He doesn’t know how to tell us he wasn’t to go outside.

Bought a new non slip food bowl for him today, no more chasing his bowl around the kitchen floor!

Have heard back from Wellingborough dog training club about puppy classes. They are on a break at the moment and start back on 3rd September. The classes start at 6.45 (meaning really 7pm!) and finish at 9pm. They are only £40 for 9 classes which is fantastic. They then can go on to do further training. This is the club that Ashleigh and Pudsey go to (won Britain’s Got Talent 2012) and do agility and dog shows etc. I am hoping that scooter will thrive there as well.

I love how he comes charging into the kitchen and knows straightaway to sit on the towel to get his treat for coming in. I feel really guilty when he sits there and it’s not the turn to give him a treat but I have to keep remembering he is just a dog. Trying to get him to stay there when I take a step back is another story though, he just cannot stay still.

Scooter wants to be a lap dog

I keep falling off!

Every time one of us sit on the floor he climbs onto our legs. The only problem being he is too big for the kids laps but he still gives it a good go


Day 10, Patience Patience Patience and determination!

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday and such a shame that we can’t take him out for a lovely walk.

I am struggling to get him to understand ‘off’ when he is either touching something he shouldn’t or jumping up at the sofa. It is quite frustrating at times when he keeps coming back up at the sofa again and again and again. I know we shouldn’t touch him as touch is a reward but how are we supposed to get him off the sofa without touch? I tried to stand up every time to make him get off but he just stays and sniffs the sofa where we have been.

I can be a good boy,
especially if I
get a treat!

The treat to come inside is doing really well, he absolutely storms inside. I am now not giving him a treat every time but every other time so he doesn’t learn to expect it every time. I think I will take it outside with me every time he attempts to go in the bushes. I actually pretend to go inside and he storms to follow me now and then I go back to the grass. When we come in he has to sit on the towel by the back door before he gets his treat, he is slowly getting that idea and when he comes in the kitchen from either the lounge or outside he sits on the towel in the hope of getting a treat. I will probably use that as his space in the kitchen when I am doing things in there.

I had arranged with a friend to go for Sunday lunch so we were out a couple of hours this afternoon. We had tired him out before hand and he had done all his business so I wasn’t overly concerned leaving him for this long.

When we got back my friend came back too for a cuppa and to meet Scooter. My kids went in first to let him outside to do his stuff before my friend came in. When they let Scooter back in he came bounding over to me to say hello but my friend was standing next to me and when Scooter finally realised there was a new person he quickly put the brakes on and stopped in his tracks and cowered. It was quite funny to watch. My friend sat on the sofa and let Scooter come to say hello being very cautious. Eventually Scooter realised there was no threat and then wouldn’t leave my friend alone. The outcome being a few scratches on their arms and wet feet from licking!

Boys getting
to know each
other better.

My son played with him a bit more today after I gently persuaded him to. I want them to have a great bond.My son is still a bit wary of him when he’s being nippy as it can hurt and I don’t blame him really.

Day 9, the future champion ball fetcher

Training had to go back to basics of sit and down today. He does know how to do them he just doesn’t liking doing down. He has been going into his crate to sleep today of his own doing which I absolutely love.

I have started giving him a treat when I call him back in from the garden as sometimes when you come back in he doesn’t want to follow you. It’s all part of the ‘come’ command that I will start to add when he finally gets it that’s it good to follow me.

I gave him a tennis ball today and we spent a good while throwing and fetching it today in the garden. I am hoping that this will be something that he loves doing in the park and that he will have a good recall and bring the ball back to me.

He did his usual poo inside this morning, my son stayed up with him and so wasn’t watching him. We need to crack this morning thing of doing it inside!!


I gave him some frontline tonight so that meant we could not touch him for a couple of hours. He didn’t like this at all and didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting any fuss. He went and laid in his crate. When the kids went to bed I sat on the floor for him to come and see me and it was almost like he was sulking as he went and laid across the room from me, very unlike him as he is always at my feet. As I was making dinner earlier today he was sitting by my feet and as soon as I stood in the kitchen he had moved to lay down by me there and then again came and laid by me when I came back into the lounge. Now I know this might be a ‘you might have food’ thing or it might be a ‘I must protect you so I need to be near you’ but it is sweet. As I am writing now he has his head on my foot. I love it and I almost feel guilty that in a moment I will have to tell him to go to bed but he makes it more bearable for me as he is so good at going to bed he just gets in a lies on his bed with no whining at all now.

As I was getting cabin fever and the kids were going crazy being stuck at home on such a lovely sunny day I promised them that I would take them to the park for an hour. My son loves to play tennis. Scooter was put in his crate and he lay there so good watching us put our shoes on and getting ready to go. I mentioned to my daughter he may be ok now with us going without him as he knows no better but once he knows that putting our shoes on means going for walkies that will be a different matter and when we then go without him he may not be so calm about it!

There was another pup in the park today, an English Bull Terrier called Poppy who was 4 months old. Her owner and I had a good chat about puppies and plant pots and shoes etc. One thing I am going to love about walking Scooter is getting to chat to other people who you would normally not bother with. There seems to be a connection with other dog owners and it’s great. I hope to meet and chat with people and get to know them, almost like I did when my kids and I went to toddler groups. There were a few dog walkers in the park today and we are soon to be one of them. Two weeks and counting!

Day 8 – not a good training day.

He has been with us for a week now and it has gone by sooo quickly, before we know it it will be his 1stbirthday! Here was I thinking in the first few days that he is not the scamp that the breeders painted him out to be but now he has REALLY made himself at home he is showing his true colours. My hand is covered in scratches where he tries to get you off when you are trying to brush him or clean his paws when he comes in from the wet garden! The children decided to let me have a lie in today and got up with him just after 6am. Another accident happened then, so after our first few days of being vigilant we are letting our guard down too much now. It is our fault not the dogs. As always if a dog is misbehaving it is the owners fault not the dogs. Behaviour should be nipped in the bud straight away as young as possible. Saying that and actually getting it to work is another matter from a novice dog owner!

Balancing act or he feels we are about to be flooded!

We swapped his toys over today, it’s a good idea to give him some new things to play with so he doesn’t get bored. He absolutely went mad for his new toys and was barking at his ‘plastic chicken wing’ of all things.

On placing him in his crate this morning, which still has the original puppy pad that has never been used along with all the newspaper I collected thinking he was going to wee indoors, he decides this is a new toy as well today and was trying to rip it apart! I am impressed that it is made of strong stuff and he couldn’t do it… yet.

The bush monster did his business in the bushes today, how on earth am I supposed to retrieve that? If I leave it there then he will trample all over it! He likes to set me these little challenges. I keep changing my mind about whether to fence it off, how high would I need to go to stop him jumping over the fence anyway??

He lay while I brushed him mostly all over today, my secret? Well I gave him his bone to chew! Couldn’t quite get to the front of his back legs though, will have to find a way of doing that.

Training didn’t go so well today, he just didn’t seem to want to do anything, tomorrow is another day. On reading about giving him orders you are only supposed to say it once to stop him just ignoring you and doing it when he wants to but that is so hard when he just looks at you and sniffs around, walks around you and then looks up at you again as if to say what? By the time he has done all that he has probably forgotten the command in the first place!

Put him in his crate tonight and it was so cute to see him to go and get into his bed straight away.

Day 7 – 9 weeks old

Was worried after he didn’t eat his supper last night that he was going off his food, I have read a few stories where dogs all of a sudden don’t like the food that we have chosen and so people try them on something else. The advice given being that the dog will eventually eat it if they are hungry with some dogs going days without eating a proper meal. I didn’t want to go through that but today he has eaten fine, thankfully.

Put him to bed early last night at 11pm as he was so tired, which is probably why he didn’t eat. I expected to get an early wakeup call but didn’t hear him until 6.30am. So will try and plan it the same tonight by putting him in at 11pm.

Yet another load of visitors today, people can’t get enough of our cute little bush monster. He loves the attention and eventually just flops on his back at their feet for all the fussing! If he was a girl I would call him a Diva!

With all puppies you can never let your guard down! He had another poo accident today because I shut the kitchen door to clean the floor and my son wasn’t watching him for the signs. Never mind, he is only 9 weeks old (as of today)

What will he bring out of Narnia today?

I need to go and get some fencing or chicken wire today to put around the bushes to stop him getting behind them. He almost always heads straight for them. I put big plastic boxes in the spaces but he always finds a way in grrr. Funnily enough he always comes out with long lost kids toy, so far – a chicken Joe cuddly, a fairy that flies up in the air from a pull string, a boomerang, a trumpet and some pegs! That’s the retriever side of him! 

Started a discussion on doodlemania facebook page yesterday as I wasn’t sure whether we were allowed to put poo bags in the normal dustbins. I had googled the question before asking and someone had mentioned that their council banned you from putting it in the normal bins due to health and safety which could only give you another couple of options – put it down the toilet or take it the designated doggy bins at the park. As we are not going for walkies yet I did not want to make a special journey to the park with a bag full of doo doo! Not nice! So I will carry on putting it in poo bags and then put it in another carrier bag and put it in the bin the day before collection (as long as I remember!!)

Training today was trying to get him to down/stay, he sort of had the idea but I think with all three of us there, there was too much to try and concentrate on bless him. So I will try and do it on a one to one tomorrow and see if he responds better, but I don’t think the kids will like that as they want to be part of his training. I will do some training in the morning with him and let them do it in the afternoon.

We had another poo accident tonight, again because I wasn’t watching him (I was getting pudding for all of us in the kitchen!) You think you have conquered it when he does four outside today until he does his fifth inside grrr.

Gave him his last feed at 10pm tonight but only gave him 2/3 of what I normally give him and he ate it ok although a bit sleepy. Think he might have thought ‘I don’t like being that hungry in the morning!’ as I still made him wait til we had our breakfast.

The thing about this routine, with all the good intentions of keeping to time with us eating and then Scooter, it doesn’t always go to plan. I worry more that I haven’t fed the puppy before I worry about getting the kids tea!! Considering I am actually off work and have all day to keep to the routine it’s amazing that I don’t actually get things done on time!

Tomorrow we don’t actually have any visitors planned so I have all day to keep to the routine although I may take the kids swimming which is round the corner from us and we will only go for an hour. It’s not fair that they are on their school holidays and we cannot actually do any fun stuff. Scooter is fine in his crate and didn’t whine in it one bit today.

Day 6 – oh no! Rain, mud and getting brushed!

I slept in my own bed last night after taking him out for his last toileting at 12am. He then woke me up about 6am to go out. After putting him back in 20 mins later I managed to have a little lie in as my son gets up really early most days and got up with him at 7.30am.

Another load of visitors today, my friend Nikki with her two children aged 8 and 9. They are not used to puppies so were a bit in awe of him, especially the younger one. He was his usually cute self and sussing them out by their feet. He even got a toy and lay by Nikki’s feet which is a good sign he was relaxed around them.

The afternoon visitors were my friend Julia with her son Archie. Julia is a tall woman and he was fine when she came in but when she went to freshen up and walked back in I think she took him by surprise towering over him that he started to back away from her. He came round eventually.

He didn’t have proper sleep this morning with our visitors so after they went I put him back in his crate so he could have a good couple of hours sleep in his space. If he sleeps by our feet then he is constantly moving around so better to get some decent sleep in his own space as we had more visitors coming in the afternoon.

Today was the first day since having him that we have had rain. Was not looking forward to standing in the rain shouting ‘go toilet’ but here we were doing just that. I borrowed my daughters umbrella and wondered how he would be with me standing there with this big pink thing behind my head. He did stand and study me for a few seconds but then went off happily. The only problem we have along with the rain is muddy paws! Hence the doggy towel by the back door. Getting him to sit there while we wipe his paws though is another matter entirely that we REALLY have to work on as he does not like that one bit.

Face of an Angel!

After his antics in the bushes we really need to get him used to being brushed. I thought about using treats to distract him but gave him my hand to lick instead. We got a lot of back and side brushing done but haven’t managed to do the trick of getting his front done yet. Maybe the treats will have to come out tomorrow.

This evening the children went to bed on time for a change which left me and bush monster in peace. He was absolutely shattered after our really bustling day. I made his last meal at 10.30 but had to wake him up. I didn’t want him to have it too late as I didn’t want to be staying up too late myself. I think he was so tired that he just didn’t fancy eating it. I left it down for about 10 minutes but he just wasn’t interested in it. I picked him up and put him in his bed and he hardly batted an eyelid! No whines whatsoever.

Day 5 (2 months old as of date)

Another good night thankfully, and no accidents today yay!

We had our visitors today, my friend Clare and her daughter Hannah also 10 years old. Scooter didn’t disappoint, he was sooo cute for them and he took to them instantly, especially their feet. I read that a dog can tell a lot about someone by licking their feet. He did keep escaping into the bushes though but I don’t think he realises that if he continues to do that he is going to come out with half the twigs in his coat which he won’t like me having to get out or brush through!

He seems to have slept a lot today. I think he is more relaxed so he feels he can let go and sleep more now.

A new thing to get used to today for him was the hoover, he didn’t like it much and cowered by my daughter. Will try it again in a few days.

He definitely has ‘Sit’ done perfectly and now ‘lie down’ is getting there to. He does know what it means and we also do the hand signal for it. Tomorrow we will just use the hand signals and see if he knows. We were training with toys today instead of treats and it still worked which is great. He is quite a clever little chap.

He makes us laugh so much and I love his long ears when they are flapping as he runs. And his cowardly lion paws as he rolls on his back boxing like he’s saying ‘put em up, put em up’. I also love how he knows not to jump up when his food is being prepared and he sits there so patiently waiting. He is slowly getting the idea that he gets no ‘love’ if he jumps up at the sofa so he sits there waiting for you to fuss him. He was about to jump earlier then remembered he wasn’t allowed. It’s great that he is figuring it all out.

Getting used to his crate.

We went out for an hour today as had some things to do (and to save me from getting cabin fever!) so left him in his crate with the TV on. Informed the neighbours over the fence that he may howl with no one being nearby. He did whine for a few minutes while I was listening and then we went. My neighbour said she didn’t hear a peep out of him and he didn’t soil in his crate which I thought he might if he was stressed about being left. It was all fine, thankfully.

I have been frantically looking for local puppy classes but didn’t realise how dear they would be. I expected them to be about £5 for an hour but they are nearer to £10. They better be worth the money!

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