A happy Doodle is a Messy Doodle!

Am trying a different font, please tell me if you like it better or worse Smile AND I have finally managed to download Windows Live writer so hopefully will be able to do more to my blog yay!

As the title suggests I am now starting to relax a bit more and I am not on his tail 24/7. I have allowed him to play in the garden without me going out every single time but after a few minutes of him being quiet I shout him in. 95% of the time he comes straight away and he gets a treat and I then allow him back out. I have to shout ‘wassis’ and he knows something yummy is heading his way. We do the same in the park. He comes back to us and sits and gets a treat. Only this morning he has become more brave and went storming off to meet the other dogs in the park without a second glance to me! He soon changed his mind when he went up to a Japanese Akita which wasn’t very friendly and snapped at him. Luckily the dog was on a lead and Scooter came running back to me.

weeding doodleWe have had a busy weekend doing the gardening front and back (with his help of course) making the most of our September sun. I did make the novice mistake of bathing him this morning first! Will not be doing that again. According to my www.doodlemania.co.uk friends a common trait of a doodle is their ability to stay dirty no matter how hard you try and keep them clean. Their motto is ‘A happy Doodle is a messy Doodle’ I keep having to clean his ‘beard’ although I tend to call it a goatie as it’s not quite a fully grown beard just yet.

IMG_0013As I said I bathed him for the first time yesterday and he was better than I thought he was going to be in the bath. He did of course try and get out but I kept massaging his coat and he did settle down. As his face is still quite small it was bit difficult to clean it all properly so I am going to have to get a small soft sponge and also a small soft brush for his paws.  I did have some pet scissors and I have managed to cut some of the hair in front of his eyes. I have also bought some nail files and we did try and file his nails (between me and my daughter) but he was having none of it. We will try again when he is really tired and hungry and he will be more interested in the treat than what we are doing.

I am so desperate to be able to take him on longer walks. He really does want to be out at the park all the time. BUT I am being good and he has 2 quick 10 minute walks a day. I take the children to school and then come back and take him over to the park. I am quite lucky that it is literally behind the houses over the road. I take him different ways so he is not sure which way we are going. He has become clever in knowing the places we walk and pulls to go there. I have tried the stopping technique and waiting for him to come back to my side but he just sits (he knows when I stop by the road that he has to sit so every time I stop he thinks the same and I cant fault him for that!) So I am going to try the swapping direction technique. My 9 year old son did it yesterday and we did look daft walking backwards and forwards down our street but I know it will take a week or so before he gets it as he can be quite stubborn with things he wants.


Who’s counting the days??

I know I have not posted for a long time but life does get in the way. I have written this blog so that family and friends can have a look and see how our puppy is doing and it saves me showing  photos all over the place. And also for me to look back in time and see our little pup as he grows up.

I DID actually do a long post a couple of days ago but then when I went to post it from Zoundery Raven  it came up with an error when posting it to my blog and I lost the whole lot! I was very disheartened and to be frank angry and too tired to do it all again that I just gave up. So here I am again with a backup plan of copying it onto something else before I post it on and hopefully as you are reading this, it has worked!

Well Scooter has had a lot of stuff going on in  the past week or so. He was the bouncy hypo maniac at the puppy class registration. He was the youngest there to be fair so I will let him off slightly but he just had so much energy and he wanted all the other ‘placid’ pups to get up and play. Their owners had other ideas though and kept giving my pup the ‘go away’ stare. Oh these classes are going to be fun. We are booked in for October 15th. Scooter will be 4 months old. Some of the others were already 5/6 months so they have waited a little while to do this. I on the other hand wanted to install this as early as possible in the hope I get some more control over my fluff ball. One thing the lady did say to me about his nipping is to put my whole hand in his mouth when he does it and this should stop him as they don’t like that so I have been doing this. The jury is still out on that one.

He is a bouncing bundle of fun. He seems to jump around at everything. I am trying to stop him jumping as it can’t be good for his growing bones. There is one thing we have 95% conquered and that is that he waits on his towel while we get his food ready and he does not move to get it until I give the order to do so. I am amazed at this but I am proud of him, he realises that he doesn’t get his food unless he stays until permission given.

As we are now taking him for very short walks around the block we are trying to get him to walk without pulling. This is going to be tough I think. He thinks that when I stop because he is pulling that he has to sit as this is what we do when we get to a kerb. So that is what he does. He hasn’t figured out that he needs to come back to my side without me pulling him there but then as soon as we start he pulls again. This is going to be a long lesson. I did let him off the lead at the park with some caution but as he is only young he doesn’t stray too far from us. This will all change I know when he comes into adolescence! Just like my teenage son he will not listen to anything I say. That will be the hard tasks of puppyhood. The kids absolutely love that he can go off the lead and have some freedom. It is nice and he does meet other dogs and play. so it’s all good experience so far. He has actually met a sproodle (a Springer spaniel X poodle) called Basil who lives round the corner. The last time I saw him he was smaller than Scooter and now he is up to my waste almost and is more bouncy than Scooter believe it or not. I have the wet paw prints on my jeans to prove it!

One of the best things of owning Scooter, apart from his company in the evening when the children go to bed, is when he comes and sleeps by or on my feet. He is so warm and it’s a lovely feeling that he wants to be close to you.

Another change is that the children are now back at school and I am back at work. My neighbour has kindly offered to come and let him out into the garden for a while and they play with him inside. He was a bit unsure of them at first and he did wee in his cage. probably in anxiety, but after a while he was fine with them (I am told). when they came round later on that day he was very excited to see them so it should all be ok.

It is almost time for me to go to bed right now and Scooter soon tells me when it gets too late as he gets up and goes into his bed all by himself. It is so funny but lovely to see that he is sees that as his space.