Day 15, testing the boundaries

Two steps forward, one step back.


You think that you are getting somewhere and you take your foot off the gas. A couple of mornings of being vigilant and he is becoming house trained and then you get cocky and he does his business in the house. The reason? You don’t see that he wants to get out or you think he has only just gone out and not done anything so you don’t think he needs to go toilet. He soon shows you! (literally!) He does go and stand by the door to let you know he wants to go out in the garden but only 80% of the time is for toileting. 20% of the time is that he just wants to go and play out there. He will just go and lie down or go and play with his ball in the bushes.

Now this is all fine when the weather is good but when you are standing out there in the rain with your sandals on (as they are the only thing by the back door) then it isn’t funny. And then he has to come in and get his paws dry. He knows straight away to come and sit on this towel but the next stage is to let us dry his paws. He has learnt the command paw and it is quite cute when he is sitting there all innocent and offering you his paw when you are standing in front of him.

We took him to have his second Jab today and he was so funny in the car. he kept standing on his back legs looking out the back of the car. The people behind must have thought it amusing too. He was such a good lad in the vets considering I couldn’t put him down on the floor. There were a few big dogs there and one very noisy deep barking Labrador. Scooter kept looking at him and looking around at the other people and dogs of all sizes taking it all in. I cannot wait to take him out and about properly and open his eyes to the big wide world. He also had his microchip today. He didn’t like that one bit as that was a big needle but its all done now.

Only 7 more days until he can come out with us!!

The children have gone to visit their dad this weekend as they do every fortnight so its just me and Scoots for 24 hours. It can be very tiring keeping an eye on him 24/7 so if I have had enough then I cheat and give him something to keep his attention like a carrot or his puppy Kong toy filled with mashed banana so I can get on with other things without worrying. It is also a nice break when he flakes out by my feet, its nice to have my very own feet warmer but you sure feel it when he moves!aug15a.JPG

As I was kid free I decided to meet up with a friend for a couple of hours which meant that Scooters routine was going to be all out of sorts unfortunately. This meant that his feeding time would be when I would be out so I had to feed him half before I went and half when I returned. He was such a good boy as he settled in his crate. We both came back to my house a couple of hours later and he was so excited to see my friend for the second time. He just would not leave her alone at all. He could probably smell her cats. He kept jumping up on the sofa next to her, biting her cardigan, chewing her shoes. He really did show me up as only a scamp puppy could. I don’t think I have said the word No! so many times since having him in our home. I should have kept taking him out so he knew that behaviour took him away from us but being a novice I didn’t do that as I stupidly thought he would settle down on his own and learn that was not good behaviour. I will know better next time though won’t I? (hopefully!)

Having a late night does not mean I am going to get a Sunday lie in though does it? Dog owners no longer have these luxuries!


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