Day 13, Wassis!

Considering I have been off for nearly two weeks I haven’t got much done in the house or garden! My time has been spent mostly with scooter being his shadow when he is not being mine.

He has slept most of the morning today even though he didn’t get let out of his cage until 7.10am. It is nice to have a break from watching his every move. It is very very tiring having to get up and see what he is up to all the time, watching for any sniffing and taking him out in the garden only for him to go and sit on the grass and sometimes he goes to the closed door and you think oh he needs the toilet, he is asking to be let out but oh no he just wants to go out and play.

His favourite past time =
belly rubs.

Scooter has realised if I say ‘Wassis’ meaning whats this? Then it normally means a treat. If he is in the garden and I stand at the door and shout wassis he 90% of the time comes running, the same if he is in the kitchen and I shout it he comes bundling back into the lounge. Word should be ‘come’ so will try and change that in time. I know you are supposed to be consistent so as not to confuse the poor lad. 

I have given up on the command ‘stay’, he is perhaps too young to learn this at the moment, so I have changed to ‘wait’. He now has to go on his towel to get his food and has to wait 5 seconds. He did well with this today.

He so loves his belly rubs, almost as soon as you stroke him he lies on his back for a tickle! who is training who here?

I thought I would try him with a carrot to chew on today. He lay and chewed on it while I made dinner for the rest of us. Every so often I would take it off him so he knows I am boss and he doesn’t get any possession issues. He seems ok at the moment.

Also carrying on with my distraction tactics, I gave him an empty milk carton to play with while I sorted out the dishwasher.

We tried him on the lead today and he was having none of it apart from wanting to chew it. He did follow us when we had treats though.

Tomorrow he will be 10 weeks old and we are putting his meals down to 3 a day. So 8am, 2pm and 8pm (this last one might do down to 7pm depending on how it fits with kids clubs when they go back to school)


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