Day 12, multiple personalities

Scooter was letting us have a lie in today. I woke at 6am like you do when you have a new born baby waiting in bed for them to stir and wake. I listened out for him but heard nothing. I have my phone alarm set for 6.30 in case I am in a deep sleep and don’t wake to hear him but even then he wasn’t making any noise. Another 10 minutes and I can just about hearing him playing in his crate but not whining. I wait another 10 minutes (laziness and making the most of it!) and eventually got up at 7am. I am hoping that this will be the normal time for getting up as this is the time we would normally be getting up for work and school.

How can you be cross with this innocent face?

Nippy Scooter has been quite bad today for biting. He has hurt both me and my daughter today. It’s only a sharp swift pain but it can really hurt when he catches you. Apparently the best thing to do when he goes to bite is to give him something better to chew on but when he catches you unawares your natural reaction is to shout out in pain. I have read also that you could whine like a puppy would and he is supposed to stop but Scooter thinks we are playing and comes back to do more damage!

My daughter accidently dropped some of his treats outside on the path today. I managed to get them all up or so I thought until he went out and was sniffing like mad because he could smell them and managed to find a couple more. It was almost as if I had set him a treasure hunt!

Bush monster has now also become the digging dynamo! He has found his passion to dig unfortunately. I do have muddy parts along the wall of my garden that I do want to eventually put a flower border but I have a feeling that digging dynamo is going to put a big stop to that as he also does his business along there. I don’t mind him doing it in the mud as its easier to pick up then on the grass. I am thinking of starting to put his lead on so that he only does his business in one part of the garden. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak  – getting used to the lead and using one area for toileting. I can only imagine his delight at the lead!


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