Day 11, scooter the lap dog.


We have lost our 100% pee record 11 days after we have had him. I am so disappointed. Our lounge door was closed and he went behind his crate and did it before we realised. I am so upset but that’s how it goes. Two steps forward one step back. Bless him I couldn’t be angry with him. He doesn’t know how to tell us he wasn’t to go outside.

Bought a new non slip food bowl for him today, no more chasing his bowl around the kitchen floor!

Have heard back from Wellingborough dog training club about puppy classes. They are on a break at the moment and start back on 3rd September. The classes start at 6.45 (meaning really 7pm!) and finish at 9pm. They are only £40 for 9 classes which is fantastic. They then can go on to do further training. This is the club that Ashleigh and Pudsey go to (won Britain’s Got Talent 2012) and do agility and dog shows etc. I am hoping that scooter will thrive there as well.

I love how he comes charging into the kitchen and knows straightaway to sit on the towel to get his treat for coming in. I feel really guilty when he sits there and it’s not the turn to give him a treat but I have to keep remembering he is just a dog. Trying to get him to stay there when I take a step back is another story though, he just cannot stay still.

Scooter wants to be a lap dog

I keep falling off!

Every time one of us sit on the floor he climbs onto our legs. The only problem being he is too big for the kids laps but he still gives it a good go


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