Day 10, Patience Patience Patience and determination!

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday and such a shame that we can’t take him out for a lovely walk.

I am struggling to get him to understand ‘off’ when he is either touching something he shouldn’t or jumping up at the sofa. It is quite frustrating at times when he keeps coming back up at the sofa again and again and again. I know we shouldn’t touch him as touch is a reward but how are we supposed to get him off the sofa without touch? I tried to stand up every time to make him get off but he just stays and sniffs the sofa where we have been.

I can be a good boy,
especially if I
get a treat!

The treat to come inside is doing really well, he absolutely storms inside. I am now not giving him a treat every time but every other time so he doesn’t learn to expect it every time. I think I will take it outside with me every time he attempts to go in the bushes. I actually pretend to go inside and he storms to follow me now and then I go back to the grass. When we come in he has to sit on the towel by the back door before he gets his treat, he is slowly getting that idea and when he comes in the kitchen from either the lounge or outside he sits on the towel in the hope of getting a treat. I will probably use that as his space in the kitchen when I am doing things in there.

I had arranged with a friend to go for Sunday lunch so we were out a couple of hours this afternoon. We had tired him out before hand and he had done all his business so I wasn’t overly concerned leaving him for this long.

When we got back my friend came back too for a cuppa and to meet Scooter. My kids went in first to let him outside to do his stuff before my friend came in. When they let Scooter back in he came bounding over to me to say hello but my friend was standing next to me and when Scooter finally realised there was a new person he quickly put the brakes on and stopped in his tracks and cowered. It was quite funny to watch. My friend sat on the sofa and let Scooter come to say hello being very cautious. Eventually Scooter realised there was no threat and then wouldn’t leave my friend alone. The outcome being a few scratches on their arms and wet feet from licking!

Boys getting
to know each
other better.

My son played with him a bit more today after I gently persuaded him to. I want them to have a great bond.My son is still a bit wary of him when he’s being nippy as it can hurt and I don’t blame him really.


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