Day 9, the future champion ball fetcher

Training had to go back to basics of sit and down today. He does know how to do them he just doesn’t liking doing down. He has been going into his crate to sleep today of his own doing which I absolutely love.

I have started giving him a treat when I call him back in from the garden as sometimes when you come back in he doesn’t want to follow you. It’s all part of the ‘come’ command that I will start to add when he finally gets it that’s it good to follow me.

I gave him a tennis ball today and we spent a good while throwing and fetching it today in the garden. I am hoping that this will be something that he loves doing in the park and that he will have a good recall and bring the ball back to me.

He did his usual poo inside this morning, my son stayed up with him and so wasn’t watching him. We need to crack this morning thing of doing it inside!!


I gave him some frontline tonight so that meant we could not touch him for a couple of hours. He didn’t like this at all and didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting any fuss. He went and laid in his crate. When the kids went to bed I sat on the floor for him to come and see me and it was almost like he was sulking as he went and laid across the room from me, very unlike him as he is always at my feet. As I was making dinner earlier today he was sitting by my feet and as soon as I stood in the kitchen he had moved to lay down by me there and then again came and laid by me when I came back into the lounge. Now I know this might be a ‘you might have food’ thing or it might be a ‘I must protect you so I need to be near you’ but it is sweet. As I am writing now he has his head on my foot. I love it and I almost feel guilty that in a moment I will have to tell him to go to bed but he makes it more bearable for me as he is so good at going to bed he just gets in a lies on his bed with no whining at all now.

As I was getting cabin fever and the kids were going crazy being stuck at home on such a lovely sunny day I promised them that I would take them to the park for an hour. My son loves to play tennis. Scooter was put in his crate and he lay there so good watching us put our shoes on and getting ready to go. I mentioned to my daughter he may be ok now with us going without him as he knows no better but once he knows that putting our shoes on means going for walkies that will be a different matter and when we then go without him he may not be so calm about it!

There was another pup in the park today, an English Bull Terrier called Poppy who was 4 months old. Her owner and I had a good chat about puppies and plant pots and shoes etc. One thing I am going to love about walking Scooter is getting to chat to other people who you would normally not bother with. There seems to be a connection with other dog owners and it’s great. I hope to meet and chat with people and get to know them, almost like I did when my kids and I went to toddler groups. There were a few dog walkers in the park today and we are soon to be one of them. Two weeks and counting!


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