Day 8 – not a good training day.

He has been with us for a week now and it has gone by sooo quickly, before we know it it will be his 1stbirthday! Here was I thinking in the first few days that he is not the scamp that the breeders painted him out to be but now he has REALLY made himself at home he is showing his true colours. My hand is covered in scratches where he tries to get you off when you are trying to brush him or clean his paws when he comes in from the wet garden! The children decided to let me have a lie in today and got up with him just after 6am. Another accident happened then, so after our first few days of being vigilant we are letting our guard down too much now. It is our fault not the dogs. As always if a dog is misbehaving it is the owners fault not the dogs. Behaviour should be nipped in the bud straight away as young as possible. Saying that and actually getting it to work is another matter from a novice dog owner!

Balancing act or he feels we are about to be flooded!

We swapped his toys over today, it’s a good idea to give him some new things to play with so he doesn’t get bored. He absolutely went mad for his new toys and was barking at his ‘plastic chicken wing’ of all things.

On placing him in his crate this morning, which still has the original puppy pad that has never been used along with all the newspaper I collected thinking he was going to wee indoors, he decides this is a new toy as well today and was trying to rip it apart! I am impressed that it is made of strong stuff and he couldn’t do it… yet.

The bush monster did his business in the bushes today, how on earth am I supposed to retrieve that? If I leave it there then he will trample all over it! He likes to set me these little challenges. I keep changing my mind about whether to fence it off, how high would I need to go to stop him jumping over the fence anyway??

He lay while I brushed him mostly all over today, my secret? Well I gave him his bone to chew! Couldn’t quite get to the front of his back legs though, will have to find a way of doing that.

Training didn’t go so well today, he just didn’t seem to want to do anything, tomorrow is another day. On reading about giving him orders you are only supposed to say it once to stop him just ignoring you and doing it when he wants to but that is so hard when he just looks at you and sniffs around, walks around you and then looks up at you again as if to say what? By the time he has done all that he has probably forgotten the command in the first place!

Put him in his crate tonight and it was so cute to see him to go and get into his bed straight away.


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