Day 7 – 9 weeks old

Was worried after he didn’t eat his supper last night that he was going off his food, I have read a few stories where dogs all of a sudden don’t like the food that we have chosen and so people try them on something else. The advice given being that the dog will eventually eat it if they are hungry with some dogs going days without eating a proper meal. I didn’t want to go through that but today he has eaten fine, thankfully.

Put him to bed early last night at 11pm as he was so tired, which is probably why he didn’t eat. I expected to get an early wakeup call but didn’t hear him until 6.30am. So will try and plan it the same tonight by putting him in at 11pm.

Yet another load of visitors today, people can’t get enough of our cute little bush monster. He loves the attention and eventually just flops on his back at their feet for all the fussing! If he was a girl I would call him a Diva!

With all puppies you can never let your guard down! He had another poo accident today because I shut the kitchen door to clean the floor and my son wasn’t watching him for the signs. Never mind, he is only 9 weeks old (as of today)

What will he bring out of Narnia today?

I need to go and get some fencing or chicken wire today to put around the bushes to stop him getting behind them. He almost always heads straight for them. I put big plastic boxes in the spaces but he always finds a way in grrr. Funnily enough he always comes out with long lost kids toy, so far – a chicken Joe cuddly, a fairy that flies up in the air from a pull string, a boomerang, a trumpet and some pegs! That’s the retriever side of him! 

Started a discussion on doodlemania facebook page yesterday as I wasn’t sure whether we were allowed to put poo bags in the normal dustbins. I had googled the question before asking and someone had mentioned that their council banned you from putting it in the normal bins due to health and safety which could only give you another couple of options – put it down the toilet or take it the designated doggy bins at the park. As we are not going for walkies yet I did not want to make a special journey to the park with a bag full of doo doo! Not nice! So I will carry on putting it in poo bags and then put it in another carrier bag and put it in the bin the day before collection (as long as I remember!!)

Training today was trying to get him to down/stay, he sort of had the idea but I think with all three of us there, there was too much to try and concentrate on bless him. So I will try and do it on a one to one tomorrow and see if he responds better, but I don’t think the kids will like that as they want to be part of his training. I will do some training in the morning with him and let them do it in the afternoon.

We had another poo accident tonight, again because I wasn’t watching him (I was getting pudding for all of us in the kitchen!) You think you have conquered it when he does four outside today until he does his fifth inside grrr.

Gave him his last feed at 10pm tonight but only gave him 2/3 of what I normally give him and he ate it ok although a bit sleepy. Think he might have thought ‘I don’t like being that hungry in the morning!’ as I still made him wait til we had our breakfast.

The thing about this routine, with all the good intentions of keeping to time with us eating and then Scooter, it doesn’t always go to plan. I worry more that I haven’t fed the puppy before I worry about getting the kids tea!! Considering I am actually off work and have all day to keep to the routine it’s amazing that I don’t actually get things done on time!

Tomorrow we don’t actually have any visitors planned so I have all day to keep to the routine although I may take the kids swimming which is round the corner from us and we will only go for an hour. It’s not fair that they are on their school holidays and we cannot actually do any fun stuff. Scooter is fine in his crate and didn’t whine in it one bit today.


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