Day 6 – oh no! Rain, mud and getting brushed!

I slept in my own bed last night after taking him out for his last toileting at 12am. He then woke me up about 6am to go out. After putting him back in 20 mins later I managed to have a little lie in as my son gets up really early most days and got up with him at 7.30am.

Another load of visitors today, my friend Nikki with her two children aged 8 and 9. They are not used to puppies so were a bit in awe of him, especially the younger one. He was his usually cute self and sussing them out by their feet. He even got a toy and lay by Nikki’s feet which is a good sign he was relaxed around them.

The afternoon visitors were my friend Julia with her son Archie. Julia is a tall woman and he was fine when she came in but when she went to freshen up and walked back in I think she took him by surprise towering over him that he started to back away from her. He came round eventually.

He didn’t have proper sleep this morning with our visitors so after they went I put him back in his crate so he could have a good couple of hours sleep in his space. If he sleeps by our feet then he is constantly moving around so better to get some decent sleep in his own space as we had more visitors coming in the afternoon.

Today was the first day since having him that we have had rain. Was not looking forward to standing in the rain shouting ‘go toilet’ but here we were doing just that. I borrowed my daughters umbrella and wondered how he would be with me standing there with this big pink thing behind my head. He did stand and study me for a few seconds but then went off happily. The only problem we have along with the rain is muddy paws! Hence the doggy towel by the back door. Getting him to sit there while we wipe his paws though is another matter entirely that we REALLY have to work on as he does not like that one bit.

Face of an Angel!

After his antics in the bushes we really need to get him used to being brushed. I thought about using treats to distract him but gave him my hand to lick instead. We got a lot of back and side brushing done but haven’t managed to do the trick of getting his front done yet. Maybe the treats will have to come out tomorrow.

This evening the children went to bed on time for a change which left me and bush monster in peace. He was absolutely shattered after our really bustling day. I made his last meal at 10.30 but had to wake him up. I didn’t want him to have it too late as I didn’t want to be staying up too late myself. I think he was so tired that he just didn’t fancy eating it. I left it down for about 10 minutes but he just wasn’t interested in it. I picked him up and put him in his bed and he hardly batted an eyelid! No whines whatsoever.


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