Day 5 (2 months old as of date)

Another good night thankfully, and no accidents today yay!

We had our visitors today, my friend Clare and her daughter Hannah also 10 years old. Scooter didn’t disappoint, he was sooo cute for them and he took to them instantly, especially their feet. I read that a dog can tell a lot about someone by licking their feet. He did keep escaping into the bushes though but I don’t think he realises that if he continues to do that he is going to come out with half the twigs in his coat which he won’t like me having to get out or brush through!

He seems to have slept a lot today. I think he is more relaxed so he feels he can let go and sleep more now.

A new thing to get used to today for him was the hoover, he didn’t like it much and cowered by my daughter. Will try it again in a few days.

He definitely has ‘Sit’ done perfectly and now ‘lie down’ is getting there to. He does know what it means and we also do the hand signal for it. Tomorrow we will just use the hand signals and see if he knows. We were training with toys today instead of treats and it still worked which is great. He is quite a clever little chap.

He makes us laugh so much and I love his long ears when they are flapping as he runs. And his cowardly lion paws as he rolls on his back boxing like he’s saying ‘put em up, put em up’. I also love how he knows not to jump up when his food is being prepared and he sits there so patiently waiting. He is slowly getting the idea that he gets no ‘love’ if he jumps up at the sofa so he sits there waiting for you to fuss him. He was about to jump earlier then remembered he wasn’t allowed. It’s great that he is figuring it all out.

Getting used to his crate.

We went out for an hour today as had some things to do (and to save me from getting cabin fever!) so left him in his crate with the TV on. Informed the neighbours over the fence that he may howl with no one being nearby. He did whine for a few minutes while I was listening and then we went. My neighbour said she didn’t hear a peep out of him and he didn’t soil in his crate which I thought he might if he was stressed about being left. It was all fine, thankfully.

I have been frantically looking for local puppy classes but didn’t realise how dear they would be. I expected them to be about £5 for an hour but they are nearer to £10. They better be worth the money!


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