Day 4, Changing his food over gradually.

Another great night last night, I still slept on the sofa and he was put to bed about 12.15am and he woke me up once at 5.30am where he ran outside, he must have been bursting bless him, he went back into his crate and stayed quiet in there until my early bird son got up at 7.45am.  (which is late for him but he had a late night last night)

We did have another accident in the same place in the lounge today as I could see him sniffing around and told my son to take him out but my son is still a bit wary of him and couldn’t manage to get him outside in time. I think I need to go and buy some stuff to take his scent away from that space. I don’t think the white vinegar is working. Although it seems to make him sneeze.

The Bush Monsters favourite place in the garden.

His favourite part of the garden at the moment is hiding under the bushes. I had cut it right back in preparation for puppy proofing the garden and he seems to like going underneath the branches. For now he will fit but when he gets a bit bigger he will find himself getting stuck under there!

I have started to change his food slightly as I want to feed him 50/50 with chuddleys that the breeder fed him on with a brand called Natures Diet. I originally wanted to feed him on the BARF diet which is raw food (Bones And Raw Food) and what dogs would eat in the wild. It is a lot to get your head around if you wanted to take the time to do it but I would be worried that I wasn’t feeding him enough of the things he needs to grow. Also I would need to get another freezer to keep the raw food in but I don’t have the room for it. So in my dilemma in trying to find the next best thing and debating in my mind what to feed him I decided, after checking with my online buddies on doodlemania, that I would use Natures diet. It is a food that is mostly made up of meat rather than cereal and maize. I have learned that when you look at the ingredients of a dog food that if the first ingredient is not meat then it would not be good for your dog. There are some foods that are so full of rubbish that they would make your dog hyperactive. A lot of behaviour experts would ask you what you feed your dog and get you to change it if you feed your dog on all those additives, just like feeding your children e-numbers. Supposedly feeding your dog the BARF diet gives them firming stools and less smelling which both would be a bonus. At the moment I am giving 25% of Natures Diet with his Chuddleys as if you change it over quickly it could upset his stomach. His stools are all ok so it seems to agree with him so far. Eventually I will do it 50/50 so that he will still have something to crunch to help his teeth and gums (Natures diet is smooth)

One thing I do need to do is get another non slip food bowl. I did buy a cheap stainless steel bowl but he seems to chase it around the kitchen floor even though it starts on the mat. His water bowl is thankfully non slip as I didn’t want to get a shiny bowl for that, as I heard that they don’t like to see their reflection in it, they probably don’t understand its them looking back!

Again today Scooter bit my daughter but harder today while playing, it is a natural thing for puppies and we have to teach them that it’s not how we play by stopping the play straight away and shouting NO! It shook my daughter up though as she couldn’t get away from him and he kept coming back to try and bite again and again. She sees it as attacking and he sees as playing!

(after speaking to my doodle friends they say that actually talking and touching him in any way just adds to the play for the pup so the best thing is to do nothing at all but just stop straight away and walk away and he will soon learn that sort of behaviour will stop play)

We are having more visitors tomorrow so hoping he is alert and behaving himself! They are one of many that have ‘booked’ to come and see Scooter, we have never been so popular!


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