Day 3, New Sounds and the nipping begins.

Surprisingly he slept through the night and didn’t soil his bed. He finally went in after a last wee about 12.15am and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until 6.20am. Result! Had a little play for a few minutes and then he wanted to go back to sleep by my feet so I put him back in his crate. Next thing we knew it was 8.25am. So we all had a decent sleep last night.

On standing in the peace and quiet of the garden this morning Scooter was getting used to some new sounds he wasn’t quite used to. The birds in the trees and bees around the flowers as well as the butterflies flying around We then heard a child out the front riding up and down the street on a tricycle. Its so much better to housetrain with nice weather, I dread the raining, I don’t think he will want to go out every hour in the rain any more than I will!

The next new thing to hear was the washing machine spinning. I love how they tilt their head about.

We have lost our 100% accident free record this morning, I didn’t catch him in time looking to do a poo in the lounge. Luckily I have laminate flooring all the way through so was easy to clean up, at least I saw him in the act and could show him I was cross. I am hoping the white vinegar will take away his scent so he won’t want to do it there again. I was still pleased that he slept in his crate all night with no hassles and I couldn’t expect to have the perfect puppy already house trained at 8 weeks old.

He has become more adventurous today and getting into mischief. Here was I thinking that the breeder had it wrong about him being the cheeky one but oh no, we can tell that he has settled in now. He is into whatever he can find today, including getting into the bushes, hiding behind the bicycles, chewing cardboard boxes that he shouldn’t be, chewing flowers and grass and trying to eat stones.

making sure I keep my feet there!

His favourite place though is to lie by your feet with his head on your feet so you cannot move. It is quite endearing. He is there right now as I type.

He does seem to sleep a lot at the moment, recharging his batteries. Actually my boss (who has a 1 year old Cockapoo) text me to see how we got on after our first day and I told him about his bursts of energy and he quick wittedly said we should have called him Duracell (as there motto is they are the batteries that go on and on!) After his short burst of energy he seems to like to sleep which is a great break for me, he does sleep quite a lot as puppies should, just like a new born baby does.

He has been looking for my son today though, he realises that he is missing. He has gone to visit his dad, my daughter wanted to stay with her new puppy, my son wanted a break from the jumping puppy. I think my son will get it both barrels from excitable Scooter when he comes back later. He will smell of the two dogs that his dad has at his house.

He is still jumping up at the sofas no matter how many times we tell him ‘OFF’ in a firm voice. With our back door open and our neighbour’s back door open they can hear everything and so they must be getting fed up of hearing me shout ‘off’ and ‘no’ but we must persevere!

Our training today was ‘sit’ which he has got nailed and ‘down’ for lie down which he is still trying to fathom out. With a treat in our hand we tell him to sit, which he does perfectly and then we put our hand on the floor so he should follow the smell of the treat to the floor, if he doesn’t then he doesn’t get the treat until he puts his full belly on the floor and stays there. After a few times he was getting quicker at realising this is what he had to do to get the treat rather than claw at our hands and scratch us to pieces!

Also which is becoming a pain (literally) is his nipping, it is only when playing really and he knows no better at the moment but it can be quite painful when he nips your hand or your arm with his needle teeth. My daughter was playing with him on the floor and he got onto her back to try and get her hair and was nipping at her back. He then caught his teeth in her back and made her shout out in pain and shock and was scared as she couldn’t see what he was doing or knew how to get him off. She panicked. It wasn’t very nice and I was hoping that this wouldn’t scar her against playing with him. She is 10 years old and knows that he is only playing and he didn’t mean to hurt her, he already loves her and follows her everywhere.

A quick and firm no and stop playing should hopefully stop him eventually.

My son came home this evening and I have warned him that Scooter was a bit nippy today which has made him even more cautious around him. He sits on the sofa with his feet up so Scooter can’t get at him. I don’t want my son to have to live in his own home scared of our own dog so I am going to have to work on their relationship. Maybe then in time he will be better with other dogs as well.


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