Day 2, start as we mean to go on.

As usual we are sticking to the times and us eating first. He is sitting under our feet at the table possibly waiting for crumbs! He once again gulps his food down with great speed.

Today we start training slowly, simple ones like Sit, down (lie down), off (he likes to jump up at the sofa but is not quite big enough to jump on it yet but the way he bounces, give him time!) We are also using hand signals with our commands at the moment and then will try and do it with just hand signals or just words.

One of my favourite video training guides is Victoria Stillwell who does positive reinforcement

She does make it all look so easy, if only that were true. I also love my bible book that is The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey, it is great to keep looking things up. BUT my favourite place to look things up is the World Wide Web. It is such a vast source of information and mostly from people that are going through it and have already asked the daft question you are searching or you will find someone has already done an article on it.

For instance today I tried to brush Scooter but he was having none of it and was absolutely petrified of the brush. So I googled what I could do to make the experience better for him. Another great source of info is a great forum site I came across when looking for a puppy. is for all types of doodle owners and owners to be. People that have a vast experience of the breeds and a wealth of knowledge. No question is too daft, and they cannot get enough of you bombarding them with puppy photos. At the moment on this site there are 3 other people that have collected new puppies or are about to this week so it’s nice to compare photos and characters.

One side of neighbours came to visit today. They bought a lovely card with a Labradoodle on the front having drawn some doodles, very clever! The couple both wear glasses so this is one socialising I can tick off the list. He was very wary of them and backed up to us as close as he could and kept looking at us to make sure we were still there. It was quite cute really as it showed he already sees us as his pack in such a short space of time. He does need to get used to them though as they will be helping me with him in the day when I have to pop to work by letting him out and giving him his 1pm feed. They only stayed for a short while and he was sniffing their hands and trying to suss them out, they do have a cat so maybe that was the smell that was making him a bit guarded. We will see how he is when they come and visit again in a few days.  We will be having a few visitors over next week as a few friends want to pop in and see our new bundle of energy.

Just give me a plant pot or a pop bottle and I’m happy!

Who needs to buy expensive toys? Of all the toys we have bought him he likes a small plant pot out of the garden (I have hundreds of them!) and an empty bottle he loves chasing around. He does love his stuffless fox though which he loves to drag everywhere.

I am trying to figure out how to get him to do all his toileting in one place in the garden rather than all over the garden wherever he likes but apart from putting his collar and lead on I am still unsure how to do this. We are using the command ‘toilet’ when he does go so that hopefully in time he will go toilet on command so we can get the unpleasantness out the way before we go somewhere nice for example. It is very tiring keeping an eye on him all the time. It is worrying when he is out of sight as you always need to know what he is up to.

Crate training today has been better, he is getting used to being in there with the door shut, and he goes in there voluntarily now. At night he whines for a few seconds but he now knows it’s pointless. Although the big test will be when I sleep upstairs. As I am typing this he is fast asleep in it, which should mean that I should be as its 11.30pm and I should sleep when he is in the crate really!


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