Collection Day!!

The day finally arrived. The children had been excited all week whereas I was enjoying my last days of freedom. A pet is a very long commitment that changes most of your day to day activities and your whole lifestyle. The puppy is the one thing you have to think of constantly before you make any plans about anything, even something as simple as popping out to the shops. We did a huge grocery shop the day before so we were stocked up on things. I have informed the children that even though its school holidays we will not be able to go out on any outings for the day as we cannot leave the house with him yet, the nearest thing they would be able to do is to go swimming for an hour round the corner. Scooter will have to get used to being left eventually but for now it will be short breaks leading up to getting a bit longer.

So we had our little bits and bobs ready to put in the car, bottle of water and collapsible bowl, his decorated box to bring him home in filled with a puppy pad, towel and blanket, the breeder fees, poo bags, wipes and kitchen towel.

A quick glance at the map so I knew for sure this time that I knew exactly where I was going! And we were off.

Are we there yet? How long until we get there?

Well I found my way straight there in record time, third time lucky and five minutes early. Scooter was out in the garden pen with three other puppies that had not yet been collected. We hadn’t seen them on our last visit so I couldn’t compare just how much bigger he was to the rest of the litter. Standing next to the two small black puppies he looked chunky and twice the size! I was quite pleased as although I agreed to have a mini doodle I did want a more medium sized one so getting a larger mini doodle is ideal for me.

He came leaping in to see us and my daughter said it didn’t seem real that we were actually taking him back with us this time. He is a little chunk monster.


The box we bought him home in that was decorated by my daughter.

We took all our paperwork and carried him to the car and placed him in the box my daughter had made. She then sat in the back with him not realising on this hot day that wearing a thin strappy top was probably not the best decision made today.

When on our way Scooter kept jumping up the box to look out and kept scratching her shoulder and arms with his sharp claws. These claws are like razors at the moment and bless her, her arm was covered in scratches by the time we got home. He only whined a little in the car but mostly was quite settled. I was very impressed that after popping to the vet for his first injection, we got home two hours later and he hadn’t soiled the box once. As soon as we got home we went straight into the garden and he weed instantly as if he had been holding it in all this time. I was a very pleased mum! He had a look around, bouncing as he does, played with some of his new toys, deciding which one he liked the best while I made lunch for me and the kids. His lunch was to follow as it will always be the case. He sat under our chairs waiting for us to finish, then with lightning speed gulped down his meal. I realise after reading on the internet that this could be because he has had to compete with the rest of the litter and so you eat your food as quickly as possible or lose out. It may take him a day or two to realise that his food is not going to be taken away. He has quickly realised where his water is and goes there freely although dripping water trails in his wake as he goes about his business and given us all a bath with his wet nose, beard and mouth.

At the moment he is still on four meals a day so we feed him at 8am, 1pm, 6pm and 10pm, after we have had our meals.

Every hour and every time he wakes from a nap (often) and after every meal we take him outside for his toileting, this has been quite a success at the moment and we have had no accidents in the house so far. I am hoping this is not a fluke but I realise that we cannot keep this watchful eye on him all the time, there will be times when I will be asleep and he will need to go in the night, there will be times when we are probably out for a couple of hours and he has no one to take him out. There will also be times where no one has their eagle eye on him and do not realise that he needs to go out. I also think that he thinks that every time we go outside he can relieve himself but he has not actually had an opportunity to ‘tell’ us yet that he needs to go. I am only hoping that he realises that outside is where he needs to do it as that is what he has done from day one. The only way for him to test this is to do an accident inside when I am around so I can correct him. It seems that after he eats then the food seems to go straight through him as minutes later he is defecating outside. I have been careful to take him straight outside as soon as he is finished.

First night in the crate and I was waiting for a show down and thinking that I will get so frustrated with it after hours of whining that I would give in. This is the pessimist side of me. The crate is in the lounge as its too big for my small kitchen and so I decided to sleep on the sofa (my daughter wanted to as well so she could also share this experience and share the load of doing night toilet breaks).

After his last dinner, we went outside for toileting and then came in and had vigorous play for about 10 minutes (as the perfect puppy book suggests). I then placed a toy into his crate and he followed inside, I left the door open while he played in there, as I had done throughout the day, and then as he settled down I closed the crate door. I sat by the side of the crate so I was still close by and he did whine a little but not as much as expected. I then progressed to the sofa when he had settled down to sleep. He didn’t like this and didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t move to be near me. He does love to follow you, and then sleep by your feet or under your legs. I ignored his whines and this went on for about 10 minutes and then he started to slow down and settle. I was expecting this to go on for at least half an hour to an hour so was quietly pleased. He was in his crate and settled by 11.45pm. I tried to get some sleep but sleeping on the sofa is not ideal. I was then woken up about 12.50am by him moving about so I looked up, which was a bad idea and he saw me and started whining. I decided to let him go and have a toilet break, so off we trot with my torch in hand in the pitch blackness. Like a good dog on cue he did his duty and we went back inside, straight back into the crate. I want him to know that night time is spent in the crate and he needs to go back to sleep. He whined for about 5 minutes this time but eventually settled down again. I thankfully got a couple of hours sleep as the next time he woke was 3am. Once again back outside for toilet break and same routine as before, he whined for about 30 seconds this time, thinking to myself he is getting the idea. Next thing I hear is him moving at 6.15am but not moaning or anything but as he notices I am awake he starts to ask to be let out. As he’s lasted a couple more hours I decide it’s time to get up then. He goes outside like a good boy and then he’s allowed to come and sit by me at the sofa.

My son then gets up half hour later and our day has started way too early for my liking!


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