Our pre-visit before we finally bring him home.

We have just come back from a great holiday at Butlins Skegness, thankfully the weather was very kind to us after suffering torrential rain over the past few months. The very next day we had arranged to pop over and see ‘Sandy Boy’ who from the very beginning of our search was going to be called Pudsey. We liked the name, it was unusual, and we didn’t know any other dog with this name…that was until Britain’s Got Talent superdog Pudsey with Ashleigh stole the show and won and to top it all they actually came from our very own town! So to save people thinking we were naming our dog after this superdog, (which we weren’t as we had not heard of him back in March at the start of our search) we decided to think of another name. As my daughter thinks he looked like a teddy bear we were thinking of teddy names, and decided on Fuzzie. This lasted about two weeks as I couldn’t find myself shouting out ‘Fuzzie’ in the park on his perfect recall that he is going to have. So then we thought of Busby until my daughter googled what it meant and didn’t want to call her dog after a silly looking English Soldier Guards hat, so that went out the window. I searched endlessly for unusual names as I wanted to be different from everyone else. I came across the name Scooter and as my kids love there scooters this name seemed to be agreed by all and has stuck…so far!

We finally arrived at the breeder’s home, after getting lost YET AGAIN! We could not believe how much he had grown. We hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks. He came bouncing in as usual and was running around the lounge like a dog possessed. The kids were standing there laughing in amusement as I stood there and thought Oh Dear!

After a mad run around he finally lay down to allow me to take a photo.

I think we have the cheeky chap of the litter. He didn’t seem to have an off button! How am I going to cope with this bundle of energy? Trying to take photos was a non starter unless you count the blurry ones as he whizzed past! After about 20 minutes of him charging around he finally just flopped out. At last I could take some photos while he was still. And from then on he didn’t move, he was completely out cold.

The breeder tells me that he is always the first one into trouble, the first one out of the pen and to his food, the leader of the pack. Trust me to get the pup that I am going to have trouble training! They tell me that people that come and visit always mention our Scooter and how lovely he looks and one family even asked if he was still for sale.

The start of our puppy accessory shopping begins in earnest and we have a checklist of things we need and a list in my daughter’s head of things she wants to buy for the puppy. She has been saving all her money in an unopenable tin for this very day and together with the money kindly given by friends and family she had saved £42 for puppy toys. Now don’t go thinking this is going to be one spoilt puppy, but have you seen the price of some puppy toys? Ridiculous. We went shopping in Poundland, 99p Stores etc and kept pop bottles for him to play with. She still has half that money left thankfully.

I am one of those people that will shop around to the ends of the earth to see if I can get something cheaper. I am what they call an online tart. I will shop where ever its cheaper. I don’t stick the same company if I can find it cheaper. An hours internet searching can save me tens of pounds. One of those instances was when I was searching for the puppy crate (no longer called cages). In a very well know pet shop they had crates starting at £80+. On searching online on for about half an hour I found the same crate for a measly £35. OK it might not be the same standard but it will still do the job its intended for. I swiftly bought it but half an hour later got an email saying it was out of stock, grrr. So I shopped around some more on the well known auction site and once again found it cheaper at £29.99, how lucky was that? I ordered once again and this time it came the very next day. I was very pleased with it. Now I have gone against the rule of thumb to get it so it is just big enough for the pup to have just his bed in it, I have bought it bigger so he can walk around in it as I work part time and he will have to be in it for a few hours at a time and I wanted him to have room to stretch his legs.

I have been told that they do not like to soil where they sleep but having read this further, if a pup is in its bed for a couple of hours they cannot hold their bladder anyway and so would only have the option to pee on their bed so I think it’s best if they have the room to do both if they are there longer than they can hold. Obviously I am nowhere near a professional and this will probably bite me in the bum but time will tell.

Old blankets and towels were found and friends gave me old newspapers. The puppy box was getting full with puppy pads, food, treats, toys, bowls, collars, leads and a new pet bed (bought by my son)

We are now ready for our imminent arrival that is going to turn our world upside down.


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