Looking to be owned by a doodle.

It all begins.

This is the start of our journey with the puppy soon to be known as Scooter. This is the day that we saw him for the first time after seeing their puppy advert following months and months and months of searching through breeder websites, dog websites and puppy ads. I was looking for a particular puppy, a particular breed, a particular colour and particular coat and particular size that was ready to go home on a particular time that I was going to be off work for a long enough time. Oh how hard could it be? After ringing a couple of ‘breeders’ who did not seem right after my questioning them about their puppies we finally decided to go and have a look at a litter in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The breed we were looking for was a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle, for those of you not in the know this is a cross breed between a Labrador retriever or a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. After many discussions with my two children at home we decided to go with the mini version rather than the standard version. My 9 year old son is still a bit unsure of dogs and so having a new addition to the family that might overpower him in size wasn’t the better solution. The mini version is a cross between a miniature poodle and a small Labrador/Labradoodle. I also wanted an apricot or golden colour with a wavy or curly coat as this is the look I prefer but you can also get shaggy/scruffy coats and I have also seen some with smooth coats that still look like retrievers.

On my look out for puppies I did also look at rehoming but as I kept looking the dogs that were coming available (through the Labradoodle trust website) they were either too far away or needed to be rehomed sooner than I was ready or they could not be rehomed with small children. Also my timescale for starting with the new addition was quite tight and so the best solution was to get a puppy that I knew would be ready at the right time.

So after a couple of emails and texts with the breeder we arranged for us to come and have a look at ‘Sandy boy’ as the breeder called him. He was one of three puppies left in a litter of ten but the only sandy/apricot one left, the other two being black. This litter was born 14th June 2012.

Our first meeting with Scooter, he was a little character even then. He is 4 weeks old here.

As they lived about half an hour from where one of my sisters lives I thought it would be a doddle to find and after googling the directions and it telling me that it would take me 90 mins to get there we set off. Of course things don’t happen that easy in my world. The roads past my sisters were country lanes with hardly any signs of where I should be going and we (or should I say I) got lost! Quick call to the breeder after driving round in circles and we arrived about 20 mins late.

On entering the house we were taken to a side room which I assumed used to be there dining room and is now the puppy’s pen. There were two litters there, in two separate pens. The other litter also being standard labradoodles but the mum is their poodle and the dad a Labrador. Sandy boys litter is a cross between the breeders small black Labradoodle Ronnie and a mini chocolate poodle stud called Coco.

Straight away he was bouncy and came bundling over to us. He was noticeably bigger than the rest of his litter and from the records I could see that when he was born he was almost a third bigger than the others and with some of the girls he was almost twice as big! He was very excitable and running around us and jumping up to get my camera case. We all fell in love with him straight away. I can honestly say even if I had the pick of the litter we would have picked him. He was big and bouncy and lively and the cutest thing ever. There was one other apricot boy in the litter that was already sold but was half his size and very quiet. My family are very outgoing and we go on lots of walks and visiting places and we needed a puppy to be ok with all of that.

Our £100 deposit was paid, lots of photos were taken and we headed home… in the wrong direction yet again but with my 10 year old daughter very very happy and my son wondering what on earth he was letting himself in for as well as me!


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